Our Diamond Package includes 12 tools to help your project grow up by increasing the brand awareness and the leads generation process for the services announced by this business.Stay tuned and contact us to Engage The World!


Afkar E-Business Magazine

- Reach up to 50,000 online users - Business Audience - Brand Awareness - Generate leads - Generating opportunities for B2B - Promotional tools - Enhancing B2C reach - A Half-Page available on monthly basis

Social Media Sponsored Content

- Both on Facebook & Instagram - Using content marketing technique - 10 Sponsored Posts per month included - Content Available: Text, Pictures & Videos - Increase post views - Increase page organic followers - Generate leads - Get access to competitors data & Available FB - Targeting tools available - Total reach: 1,000,000 views per year

E-mail Campaigns

A coordinated set of email marketing messages delivered at intervals and designed to escalate a persuasive argument to purchase. - We use the PushMail services - Keep the brand name in mind - 75,000 E-mail per month - Real updated database - Different Market Segments - VIP Contacts available included - Effective tool to poke interested buyers


A blog is a regularly updated website or web-page has the following benefits your business: - More exposure for the Brand Name - Everlasting data on Google under brand name - Supports the search process & SEO support - Global Data - Attracts interested buyers - The content helps to affect Purchase Decisions - Your business will be listed on: ,

Viber – A Super-Size Blitz

- Official Distributers - No Spam guaranteed - Customers 1st Application in Iraq - High-Quality communication platform - Accurate, active, real data & engaged audience - 1 to 1 Marketing tool - Maintain the connection with existing customers - Promote new services - Engage new clients - Reach up to 1,000,000 online users a year

VOIP Businessmen Service

- VOIP has proven to be a real game changer in the realm of telephone technologies - Becoming increasingly popular among both companies and individuals - A world of options in telephone usage - No calls restricted at any of your devices - Private Number Service - Free account - 1 Year service - Cheap international calls - Monthly Balance Free 10 Euros - 5 Sim Cards (Dial Only)

Facebook & Instagram

- Yearly up to 15,000 Facebook Page Likes - Up to 15,000 Instagram Followers Yearly - Or 30,000 Likes or Followers in one of them - Drive passion via massive engagement - Get more referrals and recommendations - Increase your share from the online existence

Youtube & Videos Power

- Get the following Hot Deal! - 9 HD Slide Videos - 60 Seconds Each - Music Background - Subtitles Available – English – Kurdish – Arabic - 3 Animated Videos - 60 Seconds Each - 1 Intro Video available - Easy to share on other social media channels - Total of 13 videos per year is above excellent

Virtual Reality Technique

- Virtual Tours are never easier - Capability to offer interactive virtual tours - Giving better experience to the customers - A great presentation tool - Engaging tool - Excellence in sharing content - A production for 100 Square Meters free - Extra Meters Price: 3.5$ per square meter - This service is available only in this package

Google Ads

- Google's advertising system - Advertisers bid on certain keywords - Clickable ads to appear in Google's search result - CPC (Cost Per Click) - CPC advertiser pays each time someone clicks on their AdWords ad - Your CPC is determined by the competitiveness of your keywords, your maximum bids, and your Quality Scores

SMS Packages

- SMS Packages is a great communication tool - Flexible marketing mean - Customized targeting - 1000 Free SMS per year from Smart Web Iraq - User Account is a Plus for Central-Management - Customized msgs: Sender Name Available - Available Networks: Korek – Asiacell – Zain

Professional Trainings for Development

- A yearly event from Smart Web Iraq - E-Business Development Course - Added-Value for business professionals - Opening different views in business activities - 3 Seniors entitled to participate - International certificates available - Tools & Materials available - Specialized Trainers - Membership to Smartweb Online Institute - Membership Validity: 1 Year


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